Stringy Hair Cure

stringy hair cure

Stringy hair is annoying, When your hair is freshly styled it looks great but soon after it gets flat, stringy and unkept looking. Fine hair is notorious for becoming tangled and separated,  ending in a stringy mess.  Here are a few things that can help you find a stringy hair cure.

6 things to do if you are looking for a Stringy Hair Cure!!

      1. The right conditioner-  while conditioning your hair is very important, using the wrong kind or using conditioner the wrong way can really create stringy hair.  If your hair is oily, this will add to your already oily scalp. Using conditioner only on your ends is a must!!   You can find some tips here on products that are good for fine hair.  Keeping the conditioner off the scalp is a great idea if you have an oily scalp but for stringy ends it is important to use the right kind of conditioner and use it very lightly.   Find a detangling conditioner that is light weight. This is a great stringy hair cure. You can use a light spray on conditioner, spray on your hands, rub them together and then run in your ends, this will prevent applying too much conditioner on hair.
      2. Keeping static down is another good stringy hair cure. Static
        hair that has a ton of static will become stringy.   Staying away from balloons and rubber balls, (haha) is one way…
        Avoid using a plastic comb when styling your hair, this create a lot of static.  In the winter when things get very dry with the heat in the car, heat in the house, Using a humidifier, this will help keep the static down and keep the air you are in moisturized.
        You can use a product put out by Redkin called ” Frizz Dismiss Fly-Away Fix Finishing Sheets”.  They work great, and you can tuck a couple in your purse for emergency use..
      3. Using an Ionic Blow Dryer will help to keep the static down.  This Stringy Hair Cure won’t work for everyone, but many will benefit from the negative charged ions that connect to the positive charged hair for a neutralizing result. As a result of this action the ionic molecules break down molecules of water rather than evaporate it. The payoff is, it doesn’t strip your hair of moisture, creating less static. YAY!! Definitely worth a try…
        I have this one I use in the salon everyday and love it, the nozzle is shorter so your arms don’t hurt as much.  very nice blow dryer.
      4. 4. Having a simple way to put your hair up in a pinch can be a life saver, keep a few bobby pins, a hair tie, a sample size hair spray in your purse can be a life saver.  Experiment with a few styles to find the perfect one for those times when nothing else works.

        5. Keeping your hair cut short to medium length is best if your hair is stringy.  Make sure you go to the hairstylist regularly to keep up on maintenance.  When hair reaches the shoulders it tends to split in to two sections one in front of the shoulder one in back, making the stringy hair even more noticeable.

        6. Hair product are a big challenge, they can often be too heavy or too strong.  I always look for the word “light” when styling fine stringy hair.  I will use a light gel and only use a tiny bit.  Sometimes the best answer is no products at all.  If static isn’t an issue I like to use no products and then finish with touch of a light hair spray.

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