Should Fine Hair be Cut in Layers

This all depends on how long, how thick and if you have curl your hair. Should fine hair be cut in layers is a question all people with fine hair ask at some point.

should fine hair be cut in layers

This girl has extremely fine hair but you would never know it.  I used a razor to cut textured layers in her hair.  This gave her lift and body so you can’t tell how fine her hair actually is.  She did have a bit of natural curl to her hair.  This style gave her lift and allows her to style her hair with ease, so in this case, Should fine hair be cut in layers- YES!!
Billion Dollar Brows

Should fine hair be cut in layers

        • Fine, Straight, Limp hair– With this type of hair, I feel the answer would be NO.  This hair type shows every cut made in the hair, especially in blondes. The layers would choppy looking. They could look like a bad hair cut.   Most clients with fine, limp, straight hair would do better with a shorter, above the shoulder bob. This will make the hair look thicker and create more volume.
        • Fine, curly hair–  Curly fine hair clients can benefit from layers, they would add bounce and lift to their hair.  Stay with longer layers.
        • Fine thin hair- People with fine thin hair should not have layers, this will make their hair look thinner and finer.  Layered hair on the fine haired client can appear like breakage, making the hair look stringy and undone. 
          should fine hair be cut in layers
          This is an example of a woman that has fine hair that is way too long.  She has no style, no body and a ton of breakage. This see-through look is not flattering at all.When cutting layers into hair the stylist needs to pay close attention to how much hair the client has, if too many layers are put in hair you can end up with holes or just wisps of hair. This will make the hair look stringy, broken, and unkept.

          In Conclusion
          should fine hair be cut in layers-

          Deciding factors– It really depends on the hair type.
          Length, curl, and how thick the hair is, along with does the hair have color, hi-lights, or a perm. Adding any one of these salon services will change the texture of fine hair a little and could make it possible to have layers put in the hair.

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