Short Layered Fine Hair

Short Layered Fine Hair can be a commitment but the results can be worth it.

When deciding to layer your hair with short layers, you want to think about the commitment you are making.  If the layers are short and your hair is really fine/limp you will have to start over fresh every day to have a really great looking style.   When hair is lifeless

it takes a little effort to make it look great.

Short Layered Fine Hair

With this very cute short sassy haircut, you can expect to have heads turning but what price will you pay.  These cuts don't lend themselves to more than one day of style.  When you have a style like this one, best result is styling fresh daily.  Fine hair has a hard time recovering from too much product.  It gets weigh down very easily.  So when you wake up in the morning your style will look very different.  If wearing a pony tail is important,  you might regret this short of a style.

When using product in short layered fine hair you will want to use something that is light weight like a root lifter or volumizer.  Using a round brush can give you the lift you need to get the direction and style you desire. Finish it up with a light hair spray.  If you like using Palmades, you will need to be sure it is the right one.  These can be a great help but can ruin your look if they are too heavy for your hair.  I have made this mistake myself at the salon,  then it's back to the shampoo bowl to start over.

Short Layered Fine Hair will create volume and movement in the hair but if the hair it too light in weight it will have a hard time staying put.  If there is a little wave or body to the hair it will co-operate with the short layers beautifully.   If  there is no wave or body in the hair, you can use a curling iron or blow dry with a round brush to encourage your hair into your desired style.

With the right products and finishing spray you should be able to have a style that will compliment your face and last all night long.

Products are very important in any style, when applying products to fine hair try these tips-

  • Use a very small about of product such as a light weight gel or mousse.
  • Put the product in the palm of your hands and rub it around.
  • Rub your hands through your hair,  Distribute the product throughout the hair evenly.  When product is really worked in,
  • Blow dry with a round brush or rough dry with your hands.
  • Curl if desired.
  • Use a Palmade if you wish, rub a very small amount in-between hands and work through hair,  take a wide tooth comb or pick and place the hair where you want it.  Remember to use this product in very small amounts, fine hair is really finicky.
  • Spray with a light fine mist spray.
  • Enjoy your beautiful hair.... 🙂

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