Shampoo for Fine Oily Hair

Fine and Oily…..

Wow that is a tough one!!   It doesn’t seem like this could even happen.  Fine hair is so hard to deal with and now we add oily scalp to it.  Finding shampoo for fine oily hair is challenging but not impossible.

Shampoo for Fine Oily Hiar

Fine hair can be oily or dry,  if your hair is oily then you could opt for a gentle volume shampoo good for everyday.  Oily fine hair often needs to be shampoo’d everyday to keep it looking fresh and clean.  Fine hair can be somewhat delicate so picking a shampoo that is gentle enough for everyday shampooing is important. Shampoo’s have come a long way in the past few years.  They have been able to improve on so many hair issues. One of the improvements is developing a shampoo that would remove oil from hair without damage, Or conditioning the hair without weighing it down.  These have been great improvements for the fine hair client. 

The most typical fine oily hair is straight shiny fine hair. This hair lays close the the scalp and has very little lift.   With this kind of hair you could choose a volumizing shampoo for fine hair.  This will plump your hair a little,  make it look and feel fuller.  It also makes it a bit easier to style.

Shampoo for Fine Oily Hiar
Great shampoo for fine oily hair

Redken body full shampoo is a great shampoo for fine oily hair.  It gently cleans and lifts the hair to create more volume.  It detangles and leaves the hair soft and touchable.

Using a clarifying shampoo once a week will help keep the impurities out of you hair,  Shampoo 3 by Paul Mitchell is a good one.  We use it in the salon before all chemical services.  Fine hair can be affected by so many things such as hard water, product buildup, and chlorine.

Using a dry shampoo will help to absorb some of the oil,  use in-between shampoos to freshen hair and get one more day out of it or use in the evening to freshen up your style to go out.

Highlights can be used to create dimensional color to the hair. This makes the oily scalp camouflaged a little and also creates a little damage which helps the oily scalp not be so oily..  When the hair is very healthy and is a solid color it can look dirty, oily and bland.  By adding a bit of color you can change the appearance even if you can’t change how oily your hair actually is.

Sebum is what is responsible for hair becoming oily,  Fine hair has an excess of this and hair is so fine it really shows.  It coats the scalp and hair strand and ends up looking like you haven’t shampoo’d in days.

These are a few of my favorite Shampoo for Fine Oily Hair tips, but there are many others that will work too.  Fine oily hair can be frustrating,  and embarrassing…  It might take a while to figure out what will work for you, don’t give up.  There is relief for your fine oily hair…..  🙂

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