What is the Best Shampoo for Fine Dry Hair


Is your fine hair oily or dry?

Many would say that fine hair is oily,  This is not always true. I find curly fine hair can be very dry especially when it has chemical damage to it. Dry fine hair is very difficult because it grows that way naturally.  Unlike hair that is dry due to the environment, such as sun, wind, blow dryers and hot tools ( flat irons, curling irons…etc ) it can’t be corrected permanently.  It is a constant battle to figure out how to get enough moisture in the hair.

The goal of every person with fine dry hair is to have less dryness without adding too much weight to the hair creating flat, lifeless hair. Finding a shampoo for fine dry hair or fine oily hair can be a lot of trial and error,  So depending on whether your hair is Oily or Dry is the deciding factor on which shampoo you should pick.

Finding shampoo for fine dry hair that is gentle enough is tricky.  Every day use is something to consider because fine dry hair can be easily damaged by using the wrong products.  Because your hair is fine and dry, you will want to pick out a shampoo that is not going to open the cuticle, this will make your hair look even drier and frizzier.  Examples of this shampoo would be Clarifying shampoo, body building shampoo, anything that claims to give you body or deep clean, often will open the cuticle slightly.  This doesn’t mean you can never use these shampoos but you need to be careful how often.  Best shampoo for fine dry hair would be conditioning and weightless, so it doesn’t weigh your hair down and make it flat and difficult to style.

Best shampoo for fine dry hair.  I really like Matrix Exquisite Oil.  It Provides just the right amount of moisture and doesn’t weigh the hair down…

Shampoo for Fine Dry Hair
Best shampoo for fine dry hair

This shampoo is what I use often on my hair, I really like how it lathers and seems to condition and make my hair feel clean and conditioned without being heavy. When you squeeze the shampoo out of the container it will seem a bit runny but it lathers great and rinse’s out completely. With the conditioner it will seem really thick, you will feel like it is going to be too heavy. It de-tangles and rinse’s out really well too. I have never felt like this duo weighed my hair down.

There are a variety of weightless shampoos available to try on your hair,  it may take sometime to weed through all the product lines finding just right one.  When you find one that works it will be worth all the time spent.  Using a shampoo for your hair type is very important, when looking for a shampoo look for all the specific needs you have.  This will help you out when shopping for a shampoo.  Using a shampoo not for your hair type can cause so many other issue’s in the hair.  Flat, lifeless, frizzy, fly away..

Be educated and patient and you will find the perfect shampoo for your hair…. Have fun hunting!!  🙂

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