Second Day Hair Freshening Made Simple

Get your hair smelling and looking great with second day hair freshening techniques.

Shampoo, blow drying and styling your hair everyday can be very time consuming. Hitting the snooze one more time and not shampooing your hair for the day sounds great in the early morning hours. This will not only give you a couple minutes extra sleep but will help your hair become healthier. With everyday shampooing, you risk removing natural oil that is needed to nourish hair and keep it healthy. If you shampoo every day your shampoo should

be gentle and adding a conditioner to you routine is best. Second day hair freshening is easier than you think.

1) Bed–  Before going to bed for the night, finger comb your hair while bending over and pull into a loose ponytail on top of head. secure with a fabric scrunchy. Make sure the ponytail is loose to prevent breakage. If your hair is short, you can either lay on a satin pillow case or use a satin or silk hair or head wrap. This will help your hair to stay smoother and prevent it from becoming roughened up. You can find silk or satin wraps at Bed, bath and beyond or stores comparable.

Second Day hair freshening
Dry shampoo for second day hair

2) Oily– If hair is oily on second day, use a dry shampoo. There are many different dry shampoo’s to choose from. It might take some trial and error but you will find one that works for you hair. I just tried one at work today. Matrix Biolage Waterless Clean and Recharge Dry Shampoo. This shampoo was light and clean. It might be too light of a formula for some fine hair clients but I liked it. It wasn’t heavy and provided just enough to give you a clean feel. If your hair is really oily then I like to use a dry shampoo that is better at getting rid of the oil, such as Sebastian Dry Clean Only. This is a styling and cleansing shampoo, It will give you more grit than the matrix shampoo. If you like to back comb your hair at the scalp this will give you the texture your fine hair is missing. Spray a liberal amount on scalp, wait a minute then rub fingers on scalp to activate shampoo, then brush if needed. Make sure no residue is left behind. You can use a blow dryer and round brush to get a little lift at the scalp. If dry shampoo isn’t your style, and your hair isn’t oily, you can mist your hair with water to refresh it. Then either blow dry or scrunch into place.
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3) Curling– If you get up on second day and your hair isn’t a crazy mess and oily, I would use the Matrix Biolage Waterless Clean and Recharge Dry Shampoo just to give your hair a clean feel. Then brush it really well, section out your hair, spray with a thermal protectant and curl or flat iron as normal.

Achieving a great look on second day is possible, no one has to know that todays great look is second day.  This video has a few cute styles on how second day hair freshening can be done simple

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