Pro’s and Con’s of Perming Fine Hair

Perming Fine hair can have its benefits but also can have its draw-backs…..  Everything is a factor including hair type and condition along with what perm to use and who gives it to you.  Assuming that the person giving the perm is a qualified hair stylist that knows how to perm fine hair, you can get a perm that will solve many hair issues for you.

Perming Fine Hair

When deciding to get a perm its a great idea to think about the Pro’s and Con’s of Perming Fine Hair.


  • Add’s volume – this can really help the problems with flat fine hair.
  • Add’s texture – sometimes fine hair is too healthy, getting a perm can sometimes provide just the right amount of damage to your hair.
  • Makes hair more manageable – when you have a perm in your hair even blowdrying is easier.  The style will hold for a longer period of time when a perm is present.


  • Too much curl –  at times it is hard to pick the correct rod size for the hair.  With fine hair you have to allow for the perm to relax a bit more than other hair types.
  • Too much damage – Fine hair is easily damaged.  It will get fuzzy and dry looking quicker than other hair types. Taking the correct precautions for the hair condition is really important.
  • Curl falls out too quickly – Fine hair will take a curl really well only to relax too much too quick.
Perming Fine Hair
Don’t get a perm like this.. Yikes!!

These are the steps I follow in the salon when giving a perm

  1. Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo.  This gets your hair ready for the perm.
  2. I always cut the hair before a perm if we are going to cut off more than 1/2 inch.  Also all that combing afterwards seems like it could straighten the hair in its delicate state.
  3. Spray very dry ends with a equalizer or conditioner that is safe for before perm use.
  4. Wrap the hair with taunt tension but not too tight (causes breakage). Too loose isn’t good, too tight isn’t good.
  5. Back the rods off after wrapped.  This is to make sure the bands on the rod are straight, this helps reduce stress being put on the hair.
  6. Put protective cream and cotton around the hairline.
  7. Apply the solution to every rod evenly and completely.  You want to make sure every rod has solution on it.
  8. When timing is complete, and curl forms “s” pattern, perm is done processing
  9. Rinse the hair,  I like to use moderate to low water pressure.  You need to rinse for 5 full minutes and longer if the hair is long.
  10. blotting- this is what i think is the most important step.  I blot with a towel first, then I take the towel and grab each individual curler and blot it that way, then i get a paper towel and blot again.  I blot until i see no water spots on paper towel. Its tedious but worth it.
  11. Then cotton and neutralizer, time for 5 full minutes.
  12. Remove rods carefully not to stretch and  pull on hair strand.
  13. Now the perm is done, I use a pick to gently comb through the hair.  If client is willing I always recommend sitting under the dryer and then curling with iron or leaving curly.  I don’t recommend using a brush or conditioner on hair for 2 weeks.

Perming fine hair can really change the way a hair style looks.  I am one of the best at perming in our salon.  I follow the rules every time. It really makes a big difference in the end result.

Fine hair is one of the most challenging hair types to perm, but it is possible if you use care and a few simple steps.  Don’t skip a step on fine hair because it will be noticed.

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