No Crease Ponytail Holders

Don’t you just hate it when after wearing a ponytail you get that crease in the back of your head?  I know I do, they are hard to get rid of and look very unkept…  I have found a couple no crease ponytail holders that I would like to share with you.  

They are easy to use and a style saver..



  • Having a pony tail in my hair and after taking it out having that weird crease that is hard to get rid of.
  • Ponytail holders slide down leaving the ponytail looking sloppy and undone. The holder just won’t stay put….
  • Pony holders are pulling on my fine hairs creating pain from hairs being pulled in all directions..
  • When pony is taken out, there is a very unattractive crease left in the back of my head.
  • Breakage from the ponytail holder putting too much pressure on my delicate hair strands.
  • Ponytail holders getting stuck in my hair causing breakage, Hairs being pulled out from being tangled up in holder.
  • Headaches from pony being too tight.

Goomee-  The Markless Hair Loopno crease ponytail holders

See here they come in lots of different colors. I really like mine they stay put and don’t leave a crease…

I have found these loops to be pretty comfortable in my fine hair.  Fine hair can be kind of slippery and with some hair ties they just slip down making the style just look sloppy.  These hair loop pony holders are non-slip and don’t pull my hair when I take them out.

I think these prove to hold up to there claim for:

a)  Not crimping the hair or leaving a unwanted crease after pony is out.
b) Not pulling or breaking the hair and they do have a strong grip.
c)  Having a really strong grip

I really like how these no crease ponytail holders loops feel really secure without pulling on my hair but I’m not really crazy about the way they look for evening wear.  I think they are fine for taking the dog for a walk or cleaning the house or a great work out in the gym but when I go out I like to look a bit more polished.  I want to have pretty hair.  This is easy to fix too.

When going out for the evening or when you want your pony to look a bit more stylish you can pull a piece of hair from underneath your pony tail and wrap it around the pony loop.  It will camouflage the phone cord looking pony loop very easily and give you a polished looking pony.  Another idea is to wind the whole pony tail around the no crease ponytail holders and make it into a bun.  This makes a very elegant look.

Make your own
No Crease Ponytail Holders

Another way to have no crease ponytail holders, is to make them yourself.  Im not sure how well they hold in fine hair but they crease they leave is very minimal.  You can purchase the elastic at any craft or fabric store.

Give it a try, check out how to make them here on this video.

You can make your own too…

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