How to get rid of Smelly Hair

Smelly hair is something most people don’t want to talk about, unfortunately we need to address the issue as everyone can smell it.

how to get rid of smelly hair
How to get rid of Smelly Hair?   Smelly hair really stinks!!!!

I have a few suggestion on how to get rid of smelly hair, but there different reasons why your hair might have an odor.

    •  Bed head– Going to bed with wet hair.  When you go to bed with wet hair, your hair can become almost musty smelling. The hair is smashed into the pillow not allowing air to move through it, so it becomes musty smelling. Kind of like the clothes in the dryer that didn’t get dried all the way….
    • Environment–  Your hair, if porous can pick up smells in the air like pollution, smoke, chlorine to mention a few.
    • Smelly hair syndrome– which is a condition that secrets a dreadful odor from the hair and scalp.  This smell is foul and can be smelled by others who are close by.  The smell ranges from musty dog fur to spoiled sour milk.  What ever the smell these conditions are nothing to treat mildly.
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      That’s great you say…. But Tell me how to get rid of Smelly Hair…..

    •  If you believe your hair is smelly from simple things like not shampooing often enough or going to bed with wet hair, or even environmental then your answer is simple.  Dry you hair completely before hitting the bed.  Shampoo more often, if you don’t want to shampoo everyday then use a dry shampoo that has a clean scent to it. This will help to give you a fresh smelling hair.  You can even use a solution made from 1 part baking soda and 2 parts water to combat the smell.  Mix solution in a bowl and after shampooing hair, apply solution to hair leave on 5 minutes and shampoo again.  This solution neutralizes the odor.  This can be done on a weekly basis to keep odors neutralized.
    •  Smelly hair syndrome is a different story.  They believe that smelly hair syndrome is caused by a fungus that grows on oily scalps.
      Excessive sweating may also be a factor in this condition. This can be caused by extreme physical activity or nerves.
      A growth of yeast or a bacterial or fungal infection might also contribute to smelly scalp and hair. For this treatment there is a few home remedies to try. Including the Baking soda solution mentioned above others are Dial Body wash. Triclosan that is used in Dial soap could help stopt bacteria for growing.  Other home methods are, the juice of lemon, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, neem oil.How to get rid of smelly hair might be easy but if these suggestions don’t work then call your doctor and see if there are treatments available. No one should have to suffer with smelly hair and scalp.

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