How to Clean and Sanitize my Hair Brush

Keeping your hair brush clean is challenging considering that you use it daily. How to clean and sanitize my hair brush properly will be easier than you think.

How to Clean and Sanitize my Hair Brush

    • Removing Hair– When cleaning a hair brush you first need to remove all the hair.  To do this hold dirty brush facing down and brush or comb a crossed the dirty brush with a separate comb. This will loosen the hairs and make them easier to grab.  You can grab them with your hands or place a small towel over the brush and pick up any loose hairs.
    • Clean and Sanitize– How to Clean and Sanitize my Hair Brush is done by removing product build up, dirt or grime in the brush or on the pad of brush, Soak the brush in a solution made from a couple squirts of dish soap, and 1/2 cup vinegar.  Soak for up to 1 hour to help free up product buildup, dirt and grime.  Dip a toothbrush in solution; gently scrub the bristles and pad of hairbrush with toothbrush to cleanse and remove buildup, dirt and grime.  If your hair brush is made from wood soaking in water is NOT recommended.  Another solution that can be used is baking soda and water with a couple squirts of dish soap.  Both work well…  When this step is complete rinse with warm water.Barbicide
  • Professional method–  In the salon we use a product called barbicide this is a Professional sanitizing solution and is an absolute must.    The Proper mixing of Barbicide is 2 oz barbicide for every 32 oz. of water. We soak the combs, brushes, clips and any other tools we use on clients for 10 minutes.  This will completely sanitize all tools. This is a state requirement that we sanitize all implements in this solution to prevent any germs that could harm our clients.
  • When I am removing hair from my brushes in the salon I have a handy tool I use.  This is a rake for removing hair out of the brush. This makes it really easy to get hairs that are wrapped around the bristles.  As you can see, you just rake though

hair rake the brush and the hair comes out with the rake. These tools- hair rake, comb rake and barbicide can be found at , Sally’s Beauty Supply.

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