Help for Fine Curly Hair

 I need Help for Fine Curly Hair!!

Help for Fine Curly Hair

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Shampoo– finding a shampoo that is moisturizing enough without weighing down curls can be challenging for sure, but with a few tips on what to look for you should be able to find one that will be good for your hair.  The right shampoo can be a big help for fine curly hair.  

Answer-  Look for weightless shampoo, something that conditions that doesn’t weigh the hair down.  I like Exquisite Oil Shampoo by Matrix. This shampoo has shine and is weightless, Which is perfect for fine curly hair.  I think it has a nice smell and lathers well.  I know there is a lot of hype on non-lathering shampoo but I like a good lather.  After you get a really good shampoo and get it rinsed out completely,  put conditioner on the ends of hair only.  If you have problem with tangly hair, use a pick or large tooth comb (with conditioner still in hair)  to free you hair from the tangles.  The Exquisite Oil Conditioner is a great weightless conditioner to follow up the shampoo.

Frizzy – Fine curly hair can be frizzy at times but there are a few things that can help lessen the frizz.

Answer- It is important to keep your hair freshly cut, even if all you cut off is 1/4 inch.  It really helps with frizzy ends and tangling.  Using a light weight styling cream can help keep the frizz under control.  Try Paul Mitchell “The Cream” or  Redkin “Frizz Dismiss FPF 20 Smooth Force Lightweight Smoothing Lotion Spray” are light weight and great for fine to medium hair.  They also help with low humidity.

Oily–  Oily or dirty looking hair can be a problem for fine hair clients,  and washing everyday can make the ends dry…..

Answer– Shampoo with a cleansing or body building shampoo for fine hair,  apply weightless conditioner to last 1/3 of hair only, rinse well.

Hard to Control-  Curly hair can be hard to control, the curls are out of control, and the frizz..!!

Answer On damp hair apply a styling cream to tame curls.  Paul Mitchell Round Trip works well to define curls and keep hair under control.

Looks Dry–  “My hair always looks dry” is a complaint we hear all the time in the salon…. Fine curly hair can tend to look dry, there are a couple of reasons why,   Fine curly hair is just naturally drier than other hair types.  This is a never-ending battle for fine curly hair clients.  Unlike other reasons for dry hair, these clients can’t cure this problem,  they can only help the problem.  Another common reason for frizzy hair is, hair tends to lose the color pigment on the ends of the hair which makes it look a slight bit lighter, which makes it look dry and even feel dry.

Answer-  Keeping the hair freshly cut is a good way to keep the ends free of frizz, but also putting a color rinse on your hair will fill in the ends making them look like they are healthier.  You can apply a light weight oil to the hair too.  A good one is Matrix Biolaage ” Exquisite Oil Protective Treatment”.  This is weightless nourishment for the hair.  They have different types of oil depending on your hair needs.

Fly Away-  fly away and static can be a real issue for people.
Answer-  In the salon we recommend touching your hair as little as possible, this will prevent separating the curls and will limit the amount of static in the hair.  You can refresh your hair with using a leave in tonic, this will add moisture and tame the static.  Redkin ” frizz Dismiss” sheets are great to have in your purse.  If you are having a problem with frizz or static fly aways, pull one out and rub it on your hair and the static is gone.  They really work quite well.

As you can see there is Help for fine curly hair!!!  These tips are simple and effective.


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