Half Up Topsy Tail Braided

This Half Up Topsy Tail Braided Style is great for a quick style for the beach or any other fun event you are going to.  It can  be put up in minutes with a couple bobby pins and a clear ponytail holder.

Half Up Topsy Tail Braided

  • First you section the top portion of the hair, usually coming from the forehead, around the temple area to the crown of the head.  This section can be larger or smaller depending on the amount of hair you have.
  • Divide into three sections and make a three section braid. Secure with a clear ponytail holder at the end.
    Half Up Topsy Tail Braided 2

Half Up Topsy Tail Braided 1

    • Begin pulling the braid loops to loosen the braid making it get bigger, this is the way you can make finer texture hair seem like it is fuller and thicker. The more you pull on the braid loops, the fuller and more textured the braid will look. The Half Up Topsy Tail Braided style is great for a quick up do that keeps you looking stylish for any event.
    • You can also user a crimper or hot rollers to give the hair more texture but on this hair style I didn’t use anything to show a more casual look.  As you can see this hair is fine and not very thick, so this bun is small in size.

  •  After the braid becomes as loose as you want, Stick your finger in the middle of the middle section of hair at the beginning of the braid to make a hole for the braid to be put through. Bring braid up toward ceiling and down throw hole you just made, bringing the tail of the braid all the way through, but making sure you are doing this loosely. Fan braid out and pin.
  • You can tuck they ends of the pony tail in or wrap around the bun or just let them hang, like I have here, whatever look suits you.This is a cute style that is fun and easy… Enjoy!!


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