Fine Hair Straightener, What you should know.

How can you figure out which is the best fine hair straightener?

fine hair straightener

Looking at the benefits of a straightener, In most situations a straightener will smooth and polish the hair, But when talking about Fine hair you must consider other factors. The damage that a straightener can have over time with fine hair can be substantial. The fine haired client has such delicate hair that it can be easily damaged by hot tools, rough brushing, over processing and just plain not treating it very gently. Special care should be taken when straightening fine hair.

Fine Hair Straightener

Straightening fine hair over time could result in hair that is dry with breakage. Fine hair tends to break and dry out very easily.  Picking out the right flat iron along with the correct temperature and styling products can reduce this effect considerably.

Which iron to buy- when looking for a fine hair straightener.
    • If you are going to just straighten the hair a straightener with flat sides will work great.  I really like the Paul Mitchell flat iron.  It is so silky on my hair, never pulling the hair while straightening.  But it doesn’t lend to curling the hair much. This is the one I use in the salon, works great.  It has a heat control, which is a great feature.
       flat iron
    • If you want to curl your hair along with smoothing the hair shaft then you need to look for one with curved edges.  The Sedu Revolution styling iron is very popular for curling.  Do you see how the shape is different from the Paul Mitchell?  The Paul Mitchell is more square, the Sedu has rounded edges.
      flat iron straightening

  • I like to use hot tools that have a heat dial, so I can put the temperature at the temperature that is right for the hair I am working on. Fine hair needs to be at a lower temperature than other hair types. Dial the temp down to the lowest temperature that will still curl or straighten your hair. Below 360 is best.

Important things to remember

  • Always… Always use a thermal protectant on your hair before straightening.   This protects the hair from the hot tools such as blow dryers,curling irons, and flat irons. Make sure you don’t skip this very important step.  Use before any hot tool.
  • Keep the temperature down as low as possible. When the temperature is too hot you risk damage such as burning, drying, and breakage.  For fine hair the temperature should be kept below 360. It will vary from person to person but this is a good place to start. here is a more into on damage to hair from hot tools.
  • Look for a straightener that has an extra long swivel cord, this will be much easier to more around the head. Cords that are too short are so annoying, and get caught up on things in the room.
  • Invest in a good quality iron, Buy the best you can afford. Some irons will be damaging to the hair even using them for a short time can be beyond repair.  Make sure you look for a quality iron.  Things to look for fine hair straightening are a ceramic iron with super smooth plates, with temperature control.

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