Fine Hair Backcombing for Updo’s

Backcombing fine hair isn’t easy

Fine Hair Backcombing for Updo’s is really tough,  Getting fine hair to look thick and full can be a challenge for any stylist.  Not only is it tough to make the hair look full and pretty, its hard to get it to stay where you put it all night long.

One way to create fullness in hair is to backcomb,  but with fine hair a lot of times the hair doesn’t backcomb very easily.  The hair can be too smooth and shiny to really give it a good backcombing.  It could be the kind of fine hair that when backcombed leaves a ratted look that you can see the backcombing very easily.

When I have fine hair backcombing updo’s in the salon

dry shampoo

The first thing I do is use something to give the hair more substance.  A couple of ways to do this is to use a dry shampoo. I like Paul Mitchell Dry Wash.  Spray a light mist of dry shampoo at the scalp and then brush your hair.  This will give the hair more substance and create a base ready for backcombing.  It will be easier to backbomb and will hold the backcombing.  If you prefer you can use a root lifter such as Paul Mitchel Root lifter or Redkin Gutz.  These products will swell the hair shaft making it feel thicker.  Spray these at the scalp and work out,  then use a blow dryer to dry the product in your hair.  All of these products will boost the hair giving it more lift and make it easier to work with.

Another thing you can use is a Twisted hair bun maker.  This is a great tool to use to make your hair look like its a lot thicker.  They are easy to use and really make it look like you have a lot more hair.  See more on chignon bun updo style here.

Fine Hair Backcombing for Updo's

After you use the dry shampoo or root lifter to create a little texture at the root,  it’s time to prepare the hair for the updo.   Whether you curl or backcomb the hair you are on your way to a great style.  Often we will backcomb the hair in sections at the base to create a little cushion, when you do this it not only gives you a little lift but provides a cushion for the bobby pins to stick in.  When you have this cushion the bobby pins will stay put.  You don’t have to have much of a cushion a little will do.  Backcomb in sections and then comb over it to smooth it out.

When your style is finished,  you will need a spray to keep it where you put it.  I  like to use a hairspray that is a light mist.   When you are dealing with fine hair even a strong spray coming out of the hair spray can could mess up your hair.  So I use a light mist first to set the updo and then go over it with a light mist of something stronger.

Here is a backcombing video, check it out.

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