What to do about Fine Hair and Humidity

When humidity is present in the air it can really have a negative effect on your hairstyle.  Fine hair and humidity can be very challenging.  The moisture in the air is absorbed into the hair strand causing hair to lose the original style.  This can make your hair fall flat or turn to total frizz.

What should I do about my fine hair and Humidity when traveling?  Are you visiting a climate that has high humidity?  Fine Hair and Humidity can be tough, especially when on vacation…..   I would recommend finding a few hairstyles to battle the humid weather.  If your hair goes flat in humid weather then maybe wear it up, or have a head band.  If hair is short,  wear it with a lot of layers to create volume.  If hair is curly use defining cream to keep frizz away.

A shorter style with lots of layers would work best if your hair is naturally limp, Humidity will make long one length fine hair lay down even more.  The weight of the long hair added with humidity will make your hair a flat mess…..

Working with your own natural hair type can be very helpful when battling any any hair problems.  I always say trying to work with your hair problems instead of against them will end in a better result.

Curly hair mixed with humidity can be a frizzy mess.  Having a fresh hair cut can keep the ends clean and free of spit ends.  When humidity hits curly hair it can cause the hair to have extreme frizz.  Using a light styling cream for curly fine hair can help,  the cream smooths out the hair shaft allowing your hair to curl, not frizz.

Fine Hair and Humidity

Using a ton of products to battle the problems you are having with your hair isn’t always the best idea.  With fine hair,  I find using less is more.  What I mean by this is that using less product on fine hair often has more benefits to the fine hair. Fine hair is so finicky,  it gets weigh down so easily, so using a high power stiff gel would be a disaster.  Use a small amount of a light gel.

Earlier this year I was trying to learn about wine paring.  I have had a hard time understanding what goes with what.  What kind of wine do you serve with fish, what kind for steak and so on.  A wine expert told me a good rule of thumb was if your meal is light,  your wine should be light.  He said, you don’t want your wine to over power your meal.  After listening to him,  I thought this is no different than what I tell my clients in the salon.  I tell them ” think about your hair,  what kind of hair do you have”?  Use products for your hair type.  Fine hair needs light products that won’t weigh it down.  Coarse hair needs a stronger holding gel etc…

Here is a video I wanted to share with you. It’s a very simple technique and it would be a quick fix on a hot summer day or a day at the beach… enjoy!!

Fine Hair and Humidity can be a challenge, but by choosing the right hair cut and products for your natural hair texture you should be able to mange the humid weather conditions with ease.

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