Fine Hair and Breakage

This is a great example of Fine Hair and Breakage.

Fine Hair and Breakage

There are many reasons why fine hair and breakage go hand in hand. The diameter of fine hair is so small that it doesn’t take much to damage it. With all the trends in todays world of coloring, perming and flat irons etc., its no wonder that we have such a hard time trying to keep our hair healthy.

Causes and Solutions for Fine Hair and Breakage

  • Poor Diet, if you have just went on a crazy low fat, low calorie, really restrictive diet to try and lose weight, or maybe you were under a ton of stress due to a life change like a break up or job loss. If this sounds like you, You could see a substantial amount of hair loss and or breakage.  The good thing is, when the situation is over your hair will most likely return to normal. Vitamins and protein that we consume from our daily diets help us to keep our hair healthy. Including dark green veggies like kale and spinach which are high in iron, and making sure you get Biotin which can be found in banana’s and salmon is really beneficial to the health of you hair.
  • Health conditions can cause you to lose hair too, thyroid along with many other health problems can be the reason your hair falls out and breaks off.  always consult with your doctor if this condition doesn’t correct itself.
  • Bad habits like hair pulling or hair twirling will cause hair breakage.  Putting strain on fine hair weakens the strand causing breakage.

Though these are really good reasons for hair to fall out or break off, These are more common reasons-


Most Common reasons for Fine Hair and Breakage

  1. Improper Shampooing/Styling-  Fine hair needs special care when shampooing and styling.  If at all possible you should only wash you hair when needed.  If you need to freshen hair up in-between shampoos then use a dry shampoo. read here for more info on second day hair.
    When blow drying be careful not to rough your hair up too much, taking the time to squeeze the water out of hair instead of rubbing hair in a towel.  The friction of the hair in the towel will weaken hair causing breakage.
  2. Brushing hair the correct way will help to illuminate unwanted hair breakage. see here for tips on brushes that are safe for brushing you hair. This brush will brush out very tangly hair safely.   I have heard some say that you shouldn’t brush wet hair but if you have the correct brush you can. If your hair is dry and you don’t have a tangle free brush you can gently start at the bottom of you hair and work your way up toward scalp. Never start at the scalp and rip your way to the ends…
  3. Heat damage and Chemical abuse are the most common reasons why hair breaks, If you are addicted to bleaching your hair in order to have that sun kissed beautiful blonde hair, and then you use a flat iron to style, you will most likely have breakage.  If you get your hair bleached for beautiful blonde hi-lights then always use a heat protectant on your hair before you blow dry, curl, or flat iron.  This will protect your hair for the hot tool damage that can occur.
  4. Ponytails that are put in too tight.  You should always use a pony tie that is easy on the hair.  read here to see more info on ponytails holders and ties that are easy on the hair.Its never fun when you have fine hair and breakage, but knowing how to stop and prevent it will get you on your way to healthy hair in no time…:)I really like the way this video explains breakage…

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