How to Stop Fading Hair Color

Fading Hair Color

Fading hair color is a problem a lot of clients have. Vibrant colors like you see here are gorgeous the day you get them done and then fade quickly usually within a couple weeks.

There are a few things that will help prevent or slow fading hair color.

fading hair color

The deep purple/blue color in this girls hair is partially a direct dye.  The direct dye is what makes it so vibrant and gorgeous.  The direct dye is also responsible for fading hair color quickly. They dye molecules are too big to get absorbed in the hair shaft, leaving them lay on top. Making this color very short lived. This is a big problem with this kind of hair color. This kind of color needs constant up keep. Looks great when they leave the salon, then 2 weeks later it is partially faded out, sometimes leaving a not so appealing color behind.

6 Ways to cut down on fading hair color


  1. Use professional shampoo and conditioner. These product contain ingredients that help preserve the color and help keep the fading down to a minimum.
  2. Use tepid water. Hot water opens the cuticle which allows the beautiful color to be rinsed down the drain. Using tepid water will leave you with a smoother hair shaft, creating more shine.
  3. Stay out of the sun, use a SPF spray on hair to protect it from the sun, or use a hat to prevent sun from coming in contact with hair which creates fading of hair color.
  4. Use a heat protectant before using hot tools. These protectants provide a shield of protection on the hair, not only do they help stop hair from fading but they help prevent damage from occurring.
  5. Go professional. Hairstylist know what they are doing, let the professionals do your hair color. It will look better and last longer.
  6. Color gloss. Have your stylist apply a clear color gloss on top of your color. This is a clear gloss, which protects the hair color and provides a lot shine.This isn’t just a problem for the trendy hair color clients, it’s also a problem for brunette’s, red’s and blonde’s who are just enhancing their own hair color or covering gray.

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