Drying Fine Hair to add volume

This is one of my favorite platform artist….  Watch this video to find out how he is drying fine hair….

Drying Fine Hair

Drying fine hair really takes less time than other hair types.  The best way I have found to dry fine hair is to rough dry it about 80% before doing any kind of major styling to it.  Vigorously towel drying your hair is a no-no, it will rough up the cuticle leaving you with a tangled mess. Blot water out of hair gently, doing this will result in easier, more manageable blow dry styling.


drying fine hair

    • Thermal protection is a must with delicate fine hair.  I like to use “its a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product”,  this might be a little heavy for some fine hair clients.  Give it a try, it is a wonderful product for detangling and protecting the hair. I spray just a couple sprays on my hair after a shower and it protects my hair from the blow dryer and hot tools I may use to style my hair.

  • The rough dry technique, tip your head upside down and with the blow dryer on high,  move your hands through your hair combined with rubbing your scalp.  This will create volume and lift.  It moves the hair around and lifts it off the scalp.  When hair is 80% dry flip head right side up, add a little product and finish drying.  I like to use Amplify wonder boost root lifter by Matrix, or root lifter by Paul Mitchell.  These are great products to apply to hair before drying fine hair. By adding a bit of root lift or volumizing mouse you will help give you hair body, making it more manageable and hold the style longer.  Keep in mind too much product will work against you.  With fine hair, less is more.
  • Brushes– at this point you may or may not want to use a brush.  Some people with fine hair will round brush the whole thing from this point on.  On my hair,  I use a round brush on my bangs only to encourage them to bend under.  Then I rough dry my hair the rest of the way dry,  using a hot iron after to complete the style.  If you choose to use a round brush,  I recommend separating the hair into sections.  Brush hair free of all tangles and section hair starting from the top.  Pin sections in rows of about 2 inch sections.. Start round brush blow drying from the nape working up toward the crown, unpinning sections as you go.  This will keep hair from getting all tangled up and you from getting frustrated.  To create even more volume in the hair when round brushing, lift brush upward before winding the section with round brush to over-direct hair for volume.
  • Dry hair completely– make sure your hair is completely dry and styled before leaving the house for the day.  When you leave any moisture in fine hair it tends to go flat after it dries. Fine hair really doesn’t have a memory so you will look good when you leave the house but by the time you get to the office you will look quite different.


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