Diffuser Drying Curly Fine Hair for Beautiful Healthy Looking Curls

diffuser drying curly fine hair

Diffuser drying curly fine hair can minimize the frizz, and help hair have a shinier and healthier appearance. The diffuser re-directs the air so it comes out many small holes instead of one large stream. This makes the curls stay in tact instead of blowing them all over separating the hairs individually.
You can purchase a universal diffuser at any store that sells hair supplies or your favorite hair salon should have one.

Diffuser styles

Sox style–  this fits over the end of your dryer with an elastic band. I know in the salon I work at some people like them but I think most prefer the other kind which is a plastic cup.

Plastic cup style–   This style looks like a plastic cup,  it fits on the end of your blow dryer,  it has prongs sticking out from it,  you would put your hair in the cup and the curls will wind around the prongs.
Make sure when you purchase your diffuser that the end of your dryer will fit inside the diffuser.  Some dryers have a square nozzle. I have only seen round diffusers.

Diffuser Drying Curly Fine Hair

  • When I am diffuser drying curly fine hair, I have very specific rules I always follow. I have curly fine hair. I feel pretty lucky, I can blow dry my hair straight or use a diffuser and dry it curly.  It looks pretty good either way but you have to know all the tricks to doing it correctly.
  • First I shampoo my hair with a moisturizing shampoo and (most often use a detangling conditioner).  Curly hair can tend to be dry.  I quite often I use Matrix  Exquisite Oil.  This conditions pretty good, but isn’t a detangler, But works pretty good on my hair.  What I like about this product is, it is weightless.  So it conditions but doesn’t weigh down the hair.  When I am in the shower after I put the conditioner on my hair, I use a pick to pick through my hair. My hair is extremely tangly, this really helps.  Always rinse thoroughly.  Avoid putting conditioner at the scalp area
  • When I get out of the shower, I briefly dry my hair with the towel.  I mainly squeeze the water out but no roughing it up.  I pick my hair immediately.   Which the pick or comb will go through it very easily because of the shower trick.  Do not dry your hair too much.  You really want it to be evenly wet or damp.
  • Now for product,  use a small amount of product to encourage the curl.  Do not over use product on your hair.  More is not always better.  I use Bed Head Foxy curls,  1 pump..  I have a lot of fine Curly hair.  I tip my head upside down and use the pick one last time,  I put 1 pump of the foxy curls into the palm of my hands and really rub it around,  I first work it into the ends of my hair working it up the hair shaft and then what ever is left over at the scalp.
  • Diffusing is a very important part.  You will want to set your dryer on medium heat.  With your head tipped upside down,  take the ends of your hair in the palm of your hands,  lift and squeeze.  Continue to do this all over the head.    Try not to move your hair around a lot,  Do not run your fingers through your hair very much.  This will prevent separating the individual hair strands.  This creates better looking curls… less frizz..   You will want to dry your hair 80% dry upside down.   Turn your head right side up and finish drying with diffuser.  Do not over work the hair.  This will take a bit to get used to but after a few times you will learn what works on your hair.
  • After hair is dry, move it around a little, trying not to run finger through it much.  Put it in place and spray..  I use a medium spray with a fine mist.  When I spray it on my hair it doesn’t blow my hair around.  I think fine hair can be disrupted by the spray if its too heavy.  I use Amplify by Matrix or Complete  Control by Biolage.  These seem to work great on my hair.   You can use a pick to back comb gently in top or bang area but be careful not to separate hairs.


These tips and tricks should set you on your way to a more beautiful head of healthy looking curls…..

Watch more on Diffuser Drying Curly Fine Hair in this video!


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