Definition of Fine Hair Texture, Is Your Hair Fine or Thin

Is your hair Fine or Thin?   

Hair texture is classified as being Fine, Medium, or Coarse.  The texture is determined by measuring the circumference (thickness of each hair strand) of the hair. The definition of fine hair texture can be tricky because textures of hair can be very different from one individual to another, You can also have different hair textures on the same head.  It could be finer hair around your face while medium or coarse texture toward the crown.  It can vary greatly on every individual person.
Fine, Medium, and Coarse hair can be present on all individuals including all racial and ethnic types.

Definition of Fine Hair Texture

Definition of Fine Hair Texture

There is an easy test you can do to check and see if your hair is fine.  Hold a single hair in between your finger tips,  if you can’t feel anything, then you have fine hair.  If you can feel the hair between your fingertips, then you have medium hair.  If you feel a thick, coarse strand, then you have coarse hair.  This is one definition of fine hair texture.  Fine hair can be almost translucent in appearance at times. This texture of hair often has no elasticity to it.  There is a simple test to do for elasticity.  Hold hair between finger tips,  Pull hair taunt.  Now stretch the hair….. does the hair stretch a lot, a little or did it break.  This can help to determine if you have fine hair.

Quite often people will confuse fine hair with thin hair.  When referring to fine hair,  it is actually the diameter of the hair stand we are talking about.  When referring to thin hair,  it is the amount of hairs in a square inch.

thinning hair
example of extreme hair thinning

Fine hair has a much thinner cortex than medium or coarse hair.  Fine hair doesn’t contain the inner medulla. Typically the cortex and cuticle are present in fine hair which can cause it to be more fragile. These are a few definitions of fine hair texture.


Fine hair can be curly, wavy or straight.  It can be naturally dry or relatively healthy.  Most of the fine hair I have seen is fragile,  It has to be treated with gentle care, especially when using chemical processing of any kind.

You can have fine thin hair or fine thick hair.  All of these conditions make the hair very different. 

Hair that is fine has less protein than other texture types so using a protein conditioner periodically is often helpful in keeping the hair nourished and healthy.  Make sure when you are using a protein conditioner that you balance it with moisture, too much protein in the hair can result in breakage. I have to say fine hair is very touchy, too much protein could end in breakage,  too much moisture could end in a flat, lifeless hair.

There are many products to help create thicker and fuller looking hair, but be careful because using too much product will weigh down fine hair making it look heavy and flat.  My rule of thumb with fine hair is….. Less is More.  Less product typically ends with more desirable results.

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