Cutting Fine Hair into Bangs, is it right for you.

Cutting fine hair into bangs

You really need to stop and consider the pro’s and con’s before you pick up the scissors. Fine hair is in a category all by itself.  It can be fly away or look very dirty-greasy quickly.  When hair is cut into bangs they can lay almost stuck to your forehead or can be very light and fly away. Static electricity is a problem with extremely fine hair too.

Doing a fringy-textured bang isn’t possible for many fine hair people.  They just don’t have thick enough hair.  It is really hard to razor cut fine hair.  When you razor hair, it makes the hair thinner.  I really don’t recommend razor cutting your fine hair.  You would have to be very delicate when doing it as to not take out too much hair.  A better way of making a textured bang is with scissors.  Point cutting both deep and shallow.   This will give you texture without splitting the hair.

Often people with fine hair have a very thin receding area.  That would be the area around the temple and above.  If you cut hair too far over toward the temple, you will create a hole in the hair.  A mistake people often make when cutting bangs for their children.

When you decide cutting fine hair into bangs is for you, It will seem like they always need to be cut.  Bangs seem to grow out quickly.  They always need maintenance of some kind.  If your bangs are straight a crossed, you can trim them yourself by simply gathering all the hair together and holding it in front of eyes.  Dragging the sides in toward the center.  Holding the hair all together snip just a little off the ends.  I recommend cutting less than you think until you figure out how to do it.   Bangs tend to shrink and spring up so take that into consideration. This is also why we cut bangs dry.  By dragging the sides in toward the center, you create a bit of length on the sides which is a softer look.cutting fine hair into bangs

A must when cutting bangs

In my opinion, if your hair is thick enough there should be a bang that will fit your style,  but if your bang is fine and thin, then you need to think long and hard before cutting a short little bang because it may not look like you think it will.   When cutting fine hair into bangs for the first time, always cut it longer than you want.  A good rule of thumb is you can cut hair shorter but you can’t cut hair longer.

When cutting your bangs always use a hair cutting scissors, you can buy a pair of inexpensive scissors at Sally’s Beauty Supply.   It definitely is worth the investment.

When point cutting aways close scissors on the way out of the hair instead of on the way in to prevent cutting your finger.  This is something all hairstylist learn the hard way….Unfortunately, ouch!!

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