5 Ways to Make Curling Fine Hair Successful


curling fine hair

Curling fine hair successfully

You have fine hair and want to add some pretty curls to it, but it’s going to be a long night and you aren’t sure they will last. Curling fine hair isn’t as easy

as other hair types but here are a few tips on things that will help those beautiful locks stay all night long.

  1. Preparing the hair correctly–  using the right kind of setting product is really important.  Fine hair doesn’t have enough natural body and weight to hold a style without it.  Use something that will give you lift and hold. It should be light weight product, using a product that is too heavy for your hair will end up working against you, leaving you with flat heavy hair.
  2. Drying your hair–  Rough drying your hair is a great way to get added volume into the hair.  See an example of it here on Drying fine hair , one of my other blogs.
  3. Use the correct heating tool at the correct temp–  If your hair drops a curl easily, drop down to the next size smaller, by doing this your hair will be much curlier to start but after a few hours the curl will drop and be perfect.  The temperature of the iron is equally as important, Fine hair can be easily damaged.  You should keep the temp at the lowest temperature possible to archive the curl you want.
  4. curl in sections and pin-  when hair is hard to curl or curls fall out quickly.  Curl hair in sections, after curling, place a pin in the curled hair to hold it wound up. Spray with a light hair spray.  Let it cool. After hair has cooled release the curl and shake hair out with finger gently. Put hair into place.
  5. spray with the right spray–  Spray with a hair spray that is strong enough to hold your hair in they style but not too heavy for your fine hair.  I usually use a light mist medium hold.  There are sprays that are wetter than others, I like to use a dry spray on fine hair.
  6. This is a video explaining this method of curling pretty well.

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