Chignon for Fine Hair

chignon for fine hair


With the help of a mesh bun accessory, its easy to make a chignon for fine hair look thicker and fuller.  Its tough to get a really full looking bun when you have fine hair, these bun accessories really help fill the gap.

Start out by putting your hair in a high pony tail.  Make sure the hair is tight and smooth up into the ponytail.  Wrap the tie around enough times that you are sure it won’t slip. Place ponytail through the hole of the bun.
chignon for fine hairLong bobby pins are needed to secure the mesh donut to keep it from slipping.  You will need about 3 long bobby pins.
chignon for fine hair
There needs to be enough length in hair to wrap around the bun in order to camouflage the mesh bun accessory.  Fan/spread the hair out around the mesh bun to hide the bun accessory.  Try to get the hair spread out evenly and smoothly around the bun.  After hair is spread you can secure the hair with another ponytail holder or bobby pins.
If you use the ponytail method,  hold hair spread over the bun with one hand, with the other hand stretch the ponytail holder over the whole bun. This will keep hair tight around the bun. When you finish this step you will have the ends of hair sticking out, wrap the hairs around the bun in a circular motion and secure with bobby pins.
If you use the bobby pin method (this is the method used on this model) after spreading the hair over the bun secure with bobby pins at the base, moving in a circular motion around the bun until all hairs are wrapped at the base of bun.

Chignon for fine hair

chignon for fine hair

I love this way of making a chignon for fine hair, it is easy, very elegant or playful. This style can be dressed up or dressed down. Wear this style to a elegant party or the beach.  It will stay all day long and doesn’t take long to put up.

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