Fine Hair Straightener, What you should know.

How can you figure out which is the best fine hair straightener?

fine hair straightener

Looking at the benefits of a straightener, In most situations a straightener will smooth and polish the hair, But when talking about Fine hair you must consider other factors. The damage that a straightener can have over time with fine hair can be substantial. The fine haired client has such delicate hair that it can be easily damaged by hot tools, rough brushing, over processing and just plain not treating it very gently. Special care should be taken when straightening fine hair. Continue reading Fine Hair Straightener, What you should know.

Second Day Hair Freshening Made Simple

Get your hair smelling and looking great with second day hair freshening techniques.

Shampoo, blow drying and styling your hair everyday can be very time consuming. Hitting the snooze one more time and not shampooing your hair for the day sounds great in the early morning hours. This will not only give you a couple minutes extra sleep but will help your hair become healthier. With everyday shampooing, you risk removing natural oil that is needed to nourish hair and keep it healthy. If you shampoo every day your shampoo should

Continue reading Second Day Hair Freshening Made Simple

Braiding Fine Hair

Braiding fine hair can look great, if you know what to do.

Getting braids to stay put in fine hair is definitely challenging. When braiding fine hair it can be difficult to make the braid look thicker, fuller, and stay put. Updo preparation is something you don’t want to skip, This important step will help you with making your beautiful work stay in place. When preparing your hair for an updo, you will need to add a little grit and body to hair. Continue reading Braiding Fine Hair