Short Layered Fine Hair

Short Layered Fine Hair can be a commitment but the results can be worth it.

When deciding to layer your hair with short layers, you want to think about the commitment you are making.  If the layers are short and your hair is really fine/limp you will have to start over fresh every day to have a really great looking style.   When hair is lifeless Continue reading Short Layered Fine Hair

Bangs for Fine Hair

Adding bangs for fine hair, will it look ok?

This is a common question asked in the salon. Should I cut Bangs in my fine hair, Yes or NO??  Bangs for fine hair is always a hard decision to make.  When deciding to cut bangs, it can be a decision you have to live with for a long time. If you aren’t happy with them or aren’t good at styling them, Continue reading Bangs for Fine Hair

Cutting Fine Hair into Bangs, is it right for you.

Cutting fine hair into bangs

You really need to stop and consider the pro’s and con’s before you pick up the scissors. Fine hair is in a category all by itself.  It can be fly away or look very dirty-greasy quickly.  When hair is cut into bangs they can lay almost stuck to your forehead or can be very light and fly away. Static electricity is a problem with extremely fine hair too.

Doing a fringy-textured bang isn’t possible for many fine hair people.  They just don’t have thick enough hair.  It is really hard to razor cut fine hair.  When you razor hair, it makes the hair thinner.  I really don’t recommend razor cutting your fine hair.  You would have to be very delicate when doing it as to not take out too much hair.  A better way of making a textured bang is with scissors.  Point cutting both deep and shallow.   This will give you texture without splitting the hair.

Often people with fine hair have a very thin receding area.  That would be the area around the temple and above.  If you cut hair too far over toward the temple, you will create a hole in the hair.  A mistake people often make when cutting bangs for their children. Continue reading Cutting Fine Hair into Bangs, is it right for you.