Brushing out Tangles

Here is a video comparing the Wet Brush Pro vs Tangle Teezer brush.

Brushing out Tangles are a pain, literally!!

Brushing out tangles can be very painful if not done correctly.  I have a lot of very fine natural curly hair.. My hair is extremely tangly.  I can’t get out of the shower and run a brush or comb through it without pain.  Pulling on tangled hair can rip and tear the hair causing breakage and damage to the hair.  You must be careful when brushing or combing tangled hair.

I use a system every time I shampoo to comb through my hair with ease, with this system, brushing out tangles is pain free and doesn’t cause unwanted damage to my hair.

Brushing out Tangles

  • Brushing hair often–  brushing hair often will get the loose hairs out and distribute the oils through out the hair shaft making hair healthier.  I brush my hair really good before bed.  Of course when I wake up in the morning my hair is so tangled that I need to brush again before I shampoo, then again after my shampoo while my hair is still wet.  I don’t brush my hair though out the day, because I am a hairstylist and I use a lot of hairspray and products to complete my style.  I really don’t want to have to re-style.  I am a once a day style girl…

  • How to brush hair– I always split the hair into sections, I start from the ear forward and then move toward the back of the head.  I place the brush at the ends of my hair brushing that area until tangle free and then move up the hair shaft until I have reached the scalp area. Brushing out tangles is best done this way because you won’t be yanking on hair strand as much, causing them to break off.  When I am in the shower I use this same method but I brush with de-tangler in my hair.  After shampooing I put de-tangler (very important to use a conditioner with de-tangler in it). in my hair and then brush using method above. Brushing out Tangles
  • What brush to use–  I use a wet tangle free brush called ” Wet Brush Pro.”  I love this brush, it goes right through my hair with ease, doesn’t pull out any hair and feels really good on the scalp.   I use this brush in the shower and out of shower when my hair is still wet.  I also use this brush before the shower and before bed.  The only time I don’t use this brush is when I am using a hot tool.  I don’t want the heat of the curling iron or flat iron to damage the bristles.   When I used this brush for the first time I couldn’t believe how great it worked, being a hairstylist for 33 years I thought I knew it all… lol  This brush looks the same as a lot of other brushes but it works way better on wet hair than any I have ever used.  This brush is so great I bought one for in the shower, and one for out of the shower, and one for my job.   I have sold so many of these brushes just from using them on clients.
  • Here is what WebMD has to say about tangles- click here

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