Braiding Fine Hair

Braiding fine hair can look great, if you know what to do.

Getting braids to stay put in fine hair is definitely challenging. When braiding fine hair it can be difficult to make the braid look thicker, fuller, and stay put. Updo preparation is something you don’t want to skip, This important step will help you with making your beautiful work stay in place. When preparing your hair for an updo, you will need to add a little grit and body to hair. This will help it to stay put and keep the braid from sliding around losing its shape.

Braiding fine hair

  1. Preparing the hair- Use a dry shampoo to give hair texture without weighing it down. Spray a small amount on the root of the hair and use a blow dryer with a round brush to give the hair a bit of volume, You can also use a somewhat light or flexible hairspray to give it texture and create a good base for the braid. Use in the same manner as dry shampoo, spray at root and dry with blow dryer.
    This will help braids stay put and give the hair a little grit.
    braiding fine hair
    Using a texturizing powder will help too like Powder Play by Big Sexy Hair Concepts. This powder is superfine and adds instant volume and grit. When using this product you want to make sure that you use a small amount. As with all products on fine hair, using less of the product has a greater benefit. Divide the hair into sections and sprinkle a small bit of powder at the root, then with fingertips gently massage the scalp and this will distribute the powder around on the scalp, creating texture. When this is complete it is time to start braiding.

Backcombing can help give you volume and fullness when you have fine hair. Just section hair and put some light backcombing in and smooth over the backcombing with a comb. There is no need to go over board with the backcombing.

2) Tention – When you start braiding fine hair, make sure you have a good grip, meaning keep the hair taunt. Maintain this tension during the whole braid.By maintaining tension in hair you will insure that the braid will stay together. Once the braid is finished and you have it secure with a elastic band you will be able to stretch out your braid and make it look softer and fuller. Be careful with fine hair not to stretch out braid too much.
You can use bobby pins to help secure your braid, shorter bobby pins are available and work quite well in fine hair.

3) Finishing- When braiding fine hair, you will often find fine hair has breakage or fly away little hairs that like to stick outside of the braid. These can been smoothed down by a little hair spray and the back of the comb. Another problem we often run a crossed is the ends of layered hair sticking out of the braid. If you curl the ends of your hair a little before you start they will stay in the braid better. Don’t give up, practice with a few different braiding styles and you will find one that works on your fine hair.

Check out this video for a really cute braid on fine hair.

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