Bob Hair Cut on Short Fine Hair

Bob hair cuts have been around for years, and its not surprising as to why,  A Bob hair cut on short fine hair is a great answer for a lot of women that suffer from lifeless hair.  There are so many different bob styles to choose from. There is sure to be one right for you.

Three great reasons to get a Bob Hair cut on Short Fine Hair.

Bob Hair Cut on Short Fine Hair
This is a variation of a classic bob that is popular today.
  1. Classic – A stacked bob or inverted bob is an option that is always popular, this is a classic cut that will be around forever. When you stack the hair in any haircut, you get volume and bounce. With this classic cut you can change small things to make it look very different.   Changing your bang, Whether it be the length, side swept or straight a crossed, stack or undercut the nape, layered or one length, You are always in style with a classic cut Bob!!….
  2. Easy-  Bobs are easy to care for, with the right products,  blow dryer and round brush, in just a few minutes you can be on your way out the door with a great style that will last all day.  Bob styles tend to keep their shape all day long.
  3. Sassy- Cutting your hair above the shoulders will make your hair look thicker and fuller.  When fine hair hits the shoulders it splits into two sections leaving each section to look thin and stringy.  One section in front of the shoulder, one section behind the shoulder. one being the front view, one being the back view.  Almost making the haircut- 2 haircuts in one, which isn’t a good look at all.    Bob hair cuts come in several different lengths, but the most common is around chin to mid-neck length.  A Bob is a great cut if it is done correctly.  A classic bob should have a very clean line on the neckline,  and should be undercut.  This will make the hair gently turn under.  This cut can be layered or one length.  With this style you will have a short and sassy haircut that will fool everyone on how thick your hair actually is….

In the salon we have request for a bob hair cut daily.  They are a great way to give fine hair the illusion that there is more hair than there really is.  Though Bob hair cuts are in style in all different lengths,  the best length for fine hair is somewhere in between the ear and above the shoulders.  Too much length will give you added weight you don’t need with fine hair.  The Bob Hair Cut on Short Fine Hair is a sure win for you every time…  If you get bored with this hair cut, you can change it up by adding color, high lights, texture cutting, a perm, or change the bang.  These changes will make your same bob hair cut like a fresh new style every time you get home from the salon.  :)This video has some great ideas for hair cuts for Short fine hair.  Both classic and trendy.  Take a look and see if you can find a new style that is right for you!!

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