Tips on Bleaching Fine Hair

Bleaching fine hair needs extra care. Special attention must be taken by your stylist to achieve the right color without damage. Getting to that perfect blonde shade doesn’t just happen, with the right precautions taken it is certainly achievable.  

bleaching fine hair

Once bleaching fine hair to that perfect blonde color is achieved, the maintenance is going to be about every 3-4 weeks to keep it looking good. Going any longer than that will create a banding on the hair. The hair closest to the scalp generates heat, so the part closest to the scalp will be hotter, processing that part faster. This will create the band in the hair. This is why I always tell my bleach blonde clients, don’t make the commitment unless you are going to follow through on the commitment.

Tips on Bleaching Fine Hair

    •  When bleaching fine hair, there needs to be special caution taken by stylist. Fine hair lifts quicker than other textures of hair. Using a lower volume peroxide and processing longer is best. In the salon we call this “low and slow.”
      When bleaching fine hair you need to be more careful, but it is do-able. You might start by bleaching a few blonde streaks around your face with a lower volume peroxide, this way your stylist can determine how quickly your hair is going to come up and what color you want. Then next time you can bleach the whole head.

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  • After bleaching your hair the texture will certainly be different. Fine hair will result in a rougher, drier, thicker texture than before the bleach process. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bleach, but you should expect the hair to have a different feel.
  • Often when hair is bleached to a very light blonde color, you will need purple shampoo to keep it looking great and prevent brassy tone from appearing. Be careful not to use too often or you might have a purple hue to your hair.
  • Once you bleach your hair blonde, going back to your natural color can be done, but it’s not easy. The hair must be filled and once filled it needs to be colored. The color doesn’t always stay in the hair once it is tinted back to original color. The hair has been compromised and will likely fade the color quickly.
  • There are maintenance you need to do at home, such as using a good shampoo and conditioner. You might need to rebuild the hair with a weekly protein, moisture conditioner. This you would shampoo hair and rinse, towel blot. apply conditioner to hair wrap in a bag and towel, leave for 10 minutes. or go to your professional hair stylist and have one done in in the salon.

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