Best Heat Protectant for Fine Hair

Finding the Best Heat Protectant for Fine Hair isn’t impossible but can take time.  With fine hair even the simplest thing can be difficult.

best heat protectant for fine hair

When I have clients come into the salon who have damaged their hair from hot tools, I have a long conversation with them on how to protect their hair from heat damage. In most cases a good hair cut will correct the problem.
It seems that many women with fine hair just avoid using a thermal protectant because it leaves a build-up on the hair. I personally have noticed this on my own hair, when I use a protective spray it makes my hair sticky, greasy, or feel rough.

I’ve used a number of thermal protectants for my fine hair over the years, I thought I would mention a few I have tried. Here goes…..

Best Thermal Protectant for Fine Hair

  1. Iron Guard by Chi– I feel this is a really good protectant on hair, it does have a strong odor that I’m not sure I love.  It feels slightly stiff on the hair and somewhat heavy.  I really like this product on many of my clients hair but not feeling it is the Best Heat Protectant for fine hair. It leaves fine hair feeling heavy.
  2. Matrix Biolage thermal active spray– This spray we use all the time in the salon. It works really good but again I feel it is a bit too strong for fine hair.  Leaves the hair feeling stiff. It does soften up when you brush through it but might be better for a set on short hair rather than curling long hair or flat ironing.
  3. AG hair care Firewall– I love the smell of this product. If fact I love the smell of all the AG products.  This thermal protectant is infused with argan oil, which gives a high shine to the hair. I really like the fine mist which I think is good for fine hair but the argan oil is too heavy, it leaves fine hair looking greasy.
  4. Sexy hair 450 Protect– This is my favorite so far. I find this product to be the Best Heat Protectant for Fine Hair so far.  It has a fresh scent, comes out as a fine mist.  You only need a small amount of spray, do not over use.  It has a high shine so if you use too much you will end up with a greasy, stringy looking hair. Best heat protectant for fine hairI will continue to look for the Best Heat Protectant for Fine Hair, but for now this one is my favorite.

You can use conditioners that have heat protection in them to protect the hair from heat damage like “Its a 10”, and there are many others but they don’t do as good of a job protecting as a thermal protectant spray.  I personally use both the conditioner that protects and and the thermal spray.

4 thoughts on “Best Heat Protectant for Fine Hair”

    1. Heat protectant is so important in the over-all health of the hair. Hope you enjoy the sexy hair heat protectant.
      Thanks, Michelle

    1. Hi Linda, I have not used Karmin Spray heat protector. I will give it a try. I’m always looking for new products to try.

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