Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

When looking for best hair extensions for fine hair, you need to consider these things first…

Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

These are the things to think about when looking for the best hair extensions for fine hair.

How long will they last?

How long extensions can be left in depends on the kind of extension you have, how good of a job the stylist did putting them in and the quality of the extensions themselves.

The bead type of extension can slip and may need to have maintenance every few weeks, if a bead slips out completely it can be put back in when you go in for maintenance. During maintenance, your stylist will loosen the bead and slide it up toward the scalp.  There is no adhesive used when applying this method which makes application, removal and adjustments easy.  This method uses a small amount of your own hair to slid through the opening of the bead then a clamp tightens the band of the bead around your hair.
The glue-in can be a bit sloppy or sticky.  Glue-in extensions tend to work well on African-American hair. Fine hair may not see a favorable result.  Glue-in extensions can be a sticky mess in fine hair.
Weave method is done by braiding small rows of braids and then sewing weft of hair into the braid. This method takes longer and is bumpier than other methods but last longer than some. This method is commonly used on African American clients.
Lazer extensions– This is one of the latest technology in hair extensions. I feel this way of doing hair extensions is fast and safe for the fine hair client.  They are transparent and light weight.  There is very little if any damage done to the hair. The application is much faster than glue-in, bead and weave methods.

How much damage will they cause my hair?

Damage is hard to determine due to the fact that some of that depends on how well they were put in and how well you take care of them.  Most extensions will have little damage on the hair if put in properly and cared for properly.   For best results you should have your extensions put in by a qualified stylist and follow the recommended maintenance.  This will keep the hair you paid for looking beautiful.

Hair cost and application cost.

Cost of extensions will very greatly, I believe natural hair extensions are best. I would recommend getting the best hair extensions you can afford. Virgin cuticle hair is considered to be one of the highest quality hair extensions available.  You will be happier and they will last longer.  The better extensions can be used more than once, if properly removed.
The cost to have the extensions and put them in can range greatly depending on where you live but you can expect to spend anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand.  The cost of the wefts vary depending on quality and the stylist cost vary depending on salon and location.

Natural or Synthetic hair? Don’t waste your money on synthetic hair extensions.  You won’t be able to curl or flat iron the hair. Even opening a hot oven with them in can fray the hair.  They won’t long and won’t have as much versatility.

Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

I personally would recommend going with the tape in method or the lazer if your hair is fine. I think that they would blend in well and give the least amount of damage.

2 thoughts on “Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair”

  1. It’s interesting to read about the different types of extensions. My daughter has been wanting to get some, as her hair doesn’t grow very long. I think that since our family has very thin, fine hair, getting her tape extensions could be good. I’ll have to keep this in mind for her birthday. Thanks for the post!

    1. Thank Tyler, Yes there are many different types of extentions. I really like the tape in type. I use them in the salon all the time. Good luck, hope your daughter likes them.
      Thanks Michelle

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