Being a Hairstylist is Great

Why being a hairstylist is great is a subject I have talked about my whole career.  I have been a Hairstylist since 1982, Wow thats 34 years now.  I have never thought about doing anything else. I am friendly and outgoing, so once the consultation is done and we have a plan of action, it’s all about chatting. We chat about new product or styles but then we also chat about what’s new in our lives. I have always felt lucky to have a job I love!!

being a hairstylist is great
Clients make the best friends!!

These are a few of the reasons why being a hairstylist is great.!!

  • Friendships–  You make so many friends when you are a hairstylist,  I have some of the best clients!!  When I started, I never thought I would make so many friends…  These clients have laughed with me and cried with me.  It is amazing how many of my clients give me a hug hello and a hug goodbye.  I love this part of my job.. I am closer to many of my clients than I am to some of my relatives. We share stories about family, give each other advice. Clients make the best friends. Being a hairstylist is great because of all the friendships you make.
    being a hairstylist is greaat
  • Creativity–  You can get so creative with hair.  Everything you do can be very creative.  Especially color, you can be bold or subtle.  It feels so good when you come up with a new style that the client just loves.  When they feel good about the way they look, You feel good!!
  • Regulars–  Regular clients are clients that continue to come to you on a regular basis, typically they book next appointment before they leave the salon.  I love my regular clients.   These clients come to the salon every 3-6 weeks for a haircut,  every 4-6 weeks for a color, every 3 months for a perm.  Booking their next appointment before they leave a must, they want to make sure they can get in to see you.  These clients are extremely valuable for your income.  I have quite a few clients that I have had for 25 years or more.  We have went through many things together, marriages, children, divorces etc….  We know each other.


  • Flexibility–  Our profession is pretty flexible.  We can change our hours or days off quite easily.  If you are a hairstylist, then decide you want to go to college to become a nurse, it is really easy to change your hours to accommodate a constantly changing college schedule.  Or maybe you got married and had a baby, now you want to work less to stay home with the baby for awhile.  Very easy to do.  I did this, when I had children I went down to about 25 hours a week for 5 years.  It was great, I got to stay home with the children more and still had a great job. When the children went to school, my hours went back up.
  • Just a Trim–  The “Just a trim” clients.  I love these clients too.  They come in often.  They never want anything different.  You have cut their hair the same way for years.  When they come in they don’t even want to talk about the haircut.  They just want the same thing they got 4 weeks ago.  It makes for a nice break on the creative brain.

Billion Dollar Brows

  • Good Mood.  When you are a hairstylist, everyone is in a good mood. Well, pretty much everyone.   Usually people are happy to see their hairstylist.  We have a good time and when they leave they look great.  Occasionally you might get a cranky person in your chair. This is never easy,  I always try to figure out what would make this person happier,  I think they must have had a bad day or a bad life.  Hardly ever does this bad attitude last.
  • Tips–  Of course I love the tips.  They are a great addition to the regular paycheck.  At christmas, clients are really good to their hair stylist, they bring all kinds of baked goods, personal gifts, and larger cash bonus’s.  Clients can make hairstylist fee really special.  I have saved my tips for vacations,  I have used my tips to buy myself things I would have never bought myself.  I save them to do something special with them, something I wouldn’t have had the money to do normally.  It makes it really fun..

Being a Hairstylist is Great, I have enjoyed this job my whole life and I can’t imagine doing anything else.  🙂

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