Bangs for Fine Hair

Adding bangs for fine hair, will it look ok?

This is a common question asked in the salon. Should I cut Bangs in my fine hair, Yes or NO??  Bangs for fine hair is always a hard decision to make.  When deciding to cut bangs, it can be a decision you have to live with for a long time. If you aren’t happy with them or aren’t good at styling them, they can be hard to live with until they grow out.

Things to consider before you cut bangs into your fine hair.

1.)  How thick of a bang do you want?

I would start out with a small amount of hair and keep adding to it until you reach the desired thickness.  You can always add more. I find in the salon it is easy to tell how much to cut by doing this.

2.)  Side swept or straight a crossed?

Side swept is a great look for fine hair clients,  it gives the hair more movement and makes the hair look fuller.  If you try side swept first you can always re-cut your bangs straight a crossed.

3.) Should the bangs be blended in with the sides angled in for face framing?

This might depend on hair type and face shape.  If your face is long and narrow face framing can really change you face shape making it appear more oval.  Be careful to not cut face framing too far back into sides, you could create a hole in haircut.  Face framing creates a softer look to hair and face.

4.)  Wispy or blunt?

You can point cut fine hair but most often fine hair looks wispy anyway, so no need to get carried away with trying to make it wispy.  The hairs are so fine they wispy on their own.  If you are looking for a razor wispy cut this is hard on fine hair because of the lack of hair texture. The hair could end up looking stringy or frizzy.

The list goes on and on.  There are some factors that come into play with fine hair.  Fine hair doesn’t have the weight of medium or coarse hair.  So when cutting your hair into bangs follow this exercise to see how much hair to cut.  With your hair dry,  section a small amount of hair for the bang.   This section should be from the highest point in the eyebrow arch.  Section eyebrow arch-to-eyebrow-arch.  From the hair line,  section out about 1- 1 1/2 inches back.  Take the end of a rat tail comb and lift the hair and see how heavy it is .  If there isn’t enough weight to it,  it will blow all around and not have a purpose.

Bangs for fine hair


The woman in the example here has a full bang even though her bangs may be fine she has a lot of hair.  Some fine hair clients have much less hair in the bang area.  If this is true for you,  you might consider keeping your bang longer to give it more movement. Over all I think it makes them look thicker.

If you use product to control the hair from blowing around be careful,  the hair can easily look dirty or overworked with product.   Fine hair is finicky.   If this bang section seems a bit too see through, then add a little more hair to the existing bang section.

As you can see bangs for fine hair isn’t as easy as one would think. There are a lot of variables to it.  It is a tough decision to make but if you do decide bangs for fine hair is for you, you should be able to find a style that will suite you.  Bangs are extremely personal,  they show a little of our personality.  They can be playful or formal and anything in between.  Bangs are probably the best part of a haircut.  They can be your best friend or worst enemy.

Talking this over with your stylist can really help you make your decision.  When going to the salon next, take a few pictures of what you like and show them to your stylist,  they should be able to analyze your hair type and help you decide which bang style is best for you.  Thankfully if you do choose the wrong bang style for your hair type,  Hair always grows!!!  🙂

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