Achieving healthy hair

Healthy Hair

Wanting hair that is shiny and thick is a desire of every women, it is easy to fall into the gimmicks of the grocery store shelves. With their promises of healthy hair in minutes of using a miracle cream or oil. Though conditioning treatments can be very helpful in achieving healthy hair, it goes much deeper than that.

Achieving Healthy Hair
Achieving Healthy Hair

What to do to make healthy hair

    1. Eating healthy is a great start to achieving healthy hair. Healthy hair begins on the inside. Foods that are iron rich such as kale and spinach will help promote healthy hair, Biotin is also an important part of hair which can be found in bananas, eggs, Peanuts, and salmon. If you are interested in eating your way into healthy hair, make sure your diet is rich in Protein and Biotin. Eating too many refined processed foods will deplete nutrients from your hair and body.

  • Drink Water, Drink enough water daily, staying hydrated is essential for achieving healthy hair. Drinking water is a big part of over all health but many aren’t aware that it helps with our hair and skin.
  •  Scalp massaging is great for all hair types, it stimulates the circulation and blood flow into the hair follicles. Using fingertips and rubbing in a circular movement for a few minutes before bed or before you shampoo. This routine not only feels great but it will nourish your hair and promote a healthier hair strand. You can use a good quality coconut oil for added conditioning to the scalp and hair.
  •  Omega-3, Get a good amount of Omega-3. Omega-3 can be found in flaxseed, walnuts and Chinook salmon. It can be hard to get the daily recommended amount of omega-3 by foods alone, but it can be taken in a supplement form too. This will keep hair shiny and scalp healthy.
  • Limit exposer to heat. Blow drying and flat irons can provide a great style for a day, but too much use will give you permanent damage. Limiting these to every other day or every third day will help your hair tremendously. Think about alternate styles on off days to keep hair looking healthy.
  • Conditioning treatments, Doing a weekly conditioning treatment can really help hair have the shine and luster hair needs to look and feel healthy. A balance of protein and moisture is a great way to keep hair healthy. Too much protein will make your hair brittle, too much moisture will make your hair flat and lifeless.
  • Professional Shampoo and Conditioner. Use a good shampoo and conditioner. Using cheap products on your hair will end up costing you in the long run. If you use professional products on your hair you will have less build up, more shine and luster. hair-damage
  • Hair cut, Trimming your hair regularly will help keep spit ends from moving all the way up the hair shaft and breaking off. When the hair breaks off it creates a flyaway end to it. Even trimming 1/4 inch off on a routine basis will help keep this from happening.


Achieving Healthy Hair is certainly worth the effort. Following a few steps can bring you beautifully healthy hair.

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