What to do about Fine Hair and Humidity

When humidity is present in the air it can really have a negative effect on your hairstyle.  Fine hair and humidity can be very challenging.  The moisture in the air is absorbed into the hair strand causing hair to lose the original style.  This can make your hair fall flat Continue reading What to do about Fine Hair and Humidity

Pro’s and Con’s of Perming Fine Hair

Perming Fine hair can have its benefits but also can have its draw-backs…..  Everything is a factor including hair type and condition along with what perm to use and who gives it to you.  Assuming that the person giving the perm is a qualified hair stylist that knows how to perm fine hair, Continue reading Pro’s and Con’s of Perming Fine Hair

Short Layered Fine Hair

Short Layered Fine Hair can be a commitment but the results can be worth it.

When deciding to layer your hair with short layers, you want to think about the commitment you are making.  If the layers are short and your hair is really fine/limp you will have to start over fresh every day to have a really great looking style.   When hair is lifeless Continue reading Short Layered Fine Hair

Shampoo for Fine Oily Hair

Fine and Oily…..

Wow that is a tough one!!   It doesn’t seem like this could even happen.  Fine hair is so hard to deal with and now we add oily scalp to it.  Finding shampoo for fine oily hair is challenging but not impossible.

Shampoo for Fine Oily Hiar

Fine hair can be oily or dry,  if your hair is oily then you could opt for a gentle volume shampoo good for everyday.  Oily fine hair often needs to be shampoo’d everyday to keep it looking fresh and clean.  Fine hair can be somewhat delicate so picking a shampoo that is gentle enough for everyday shampooing is important. Shampoo’s have come a long way in the past few years.  They have been able to improve on so many hair issues. One of the improvements is developing a shampoo that would remove oil from hair without damage, Continue reading Shampoo for Fine Oily Hair

What is the Best Shampoo for Fine Dry Hair


Is your fine hair oily or dry?

Many would say that fine hair is oily,  This is not always true. I find curly fine hair can be very dry especially when it has chemical damage to it. Dry fine hair is very difficult because it grows that way naturally.  Unlike hair that is dry due to the environment, such as sun, wind, blow dryers and hot tools ( flat irons, curling irons…etc ) it can’t be corrected permanently.  It is a constant battle to figure out how Continue reading What is the Best Shampoo for Fine Dry Hair